Alberta would certainly oppose EU restriction on oil sands crude imports

coating additives will certainly oppose any type of relocation by the European Union to ban imports of petroleum from the western Canadian province due to ecological issues, a senior federal government official stated Tuesday.

" We will certainly make certain oil sands items are not wrongly targeted by them [EU] under the proposed low-carbon fuels typical and also emission legislation as well as will oppose any discrimination against our extra-heavy petroleum," claimed Diana McQueen, parliamentary aide to the provincial power preacher.

" In the past few years, with the application of new innovation, carbon exhausts in Alberta have been reduced 33% per barrel. Besides, a 12-member delegation from EU Parliament visited the Athabasca region last month as well as they were excited by the work oil firms are performing in managing tailings ponds and also reducing GHG [eco-friendly house gas] emissions."

In 2009, the EU suggested a climate regulation that would have restricted potential gas imports from Alberta's oil sands in the future. The preliminary draft of the plan, created to advertise greener fuels, prevented making use of oil sands products by placing them as one of the highest possible carbon emitters.

Complying with requests and lobbying from diplomats in Ottawa suggesting that the regulation might be seen as a barrier to the signing of a free trade arrangement between Canada and the EU, European professionals have sought even more time to study the concern.

" The EU will certainly postpone taking on a decision until late 2011. Although we do not export crude oil currently to any European state, we will still not permit them to place an incorrect label on us," McQueen said.

In 2008, California announced that it would certainly enforce constraints on the use of western Canadian heavy crude oil, describining it as filthy oil.

However, McQueen noted that, "virtually 40% of the international heavy petroleum processing capability remains in the US and also for Alberta it will certainly continue to be a huge market." She added that, "as we ramp up capacity to 3 million b/d by 2020, a major bottleneck we would encounter is moving the added barrels to new markets."

"With over C$ 15 billion [US$ 15.05 billion] worth of financial investments by Oriental oil as well as gas companies in the past 18 months in Alberta and also even more still ahead in 2011, China, Korea, Japan as well as India are our apparent destinations," she stated.

According to the Canadian Organization of Petroleum Producers, current production of crude oil in Alberta is 1.55 million b/d, and this is forecast to rise to 1.66 million b/d following year as well as 2.02 million b/d in 2015.
17.03.2021 13:48:20

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